Baileys Pet Foods - Factory Tour Guide

I would like to introduce you to Adam

Adam is one of our product development specialists. He would like to talk to you about our bespoke cooking Conditions.

Thanks Jayne,

Hot and fast or low and slow? At Baileys Pet Foods, we favour the second approach for cooking our fresh meat and fish raw materials. But even within the scope of low temperature and slow cooking, our research has shown we can dramatically affect the palatability of kibbles depending on the duration of cooking and the temperature profile through the process.

As we look to deliver on our promise to ‘make and deliver the world’s finest pet food’, we continue to research and refine the times and temperatures for different meat and fish raw materials to provide the finest and most palatable kibbles for pets to enjoy.

Baileys Pet Foods - Factory Tour Guide

Low and slow, It's the way to go!

Well, I think we all learned something new here in the product development area. Thanks Adam. 

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