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Now let's talk about Ingredients Intake

Now we get to meet our first team member. I would like to introduce you to James, he is one of the guys in control of the Ingredients Intake process. He knows more about it than I ever will! I will now hand you over to him and he can tell you all about it. 

Hello Jayne,

Thanks for stoping by! I wold love to explain how this process works!

We have developed our own proprietary IT software that allows us to monitor, manage and control every single part of the Ingredients Kitchen. We use these really cool tags called RFID that allows us to track and trace every ingredient throughout the whole process allowing full traceability.

Continuous sampling provides absolute reassurance and the very highest quality for pets.

On delivery to the Ingredients Kitchen, identification labels are printed and attached to every pallet and tote to avoid unloaded materials being confused prior to sampling and registration of the stock.

The raw ingredients are registered and sampled before being stored in the Quarantine area until laboratory testing has been undertaken. Each ingredient has a pre-set sampling policy, which determines how it should be sampled and what tests should be conducted. Laboratory technicians conduct sampling as instructed by our purpose-built software system.

After materials have been successfully tested the system will sequence the movement (via FLT) of delivered materials to one of the three pallet and tote intake pits. Each pallet or tote delivered to an intake pit has its barcode scanned so that our system knows that a new ingredient has arrived and is ready to be tipped.

Bailey Pet Foods - James

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