Baileys Pet Foods - Factory Tour Guide

Now let's look at the production line.

This is where all the ingredients come together to create the end product, dry dog food (kibble). We have 9 production lines in total, they are all very much similar. 

Let’s look at the general process so that you have clear understanding of how things work. 

This is Daniel. He’s a little busy right now so we can’t talk to him, however, I will give you an overview of what’s going on. 

Daniel is currently at the monitoring station. This is where all the key product information is loaded. The system scans in the product RFID tags we looked at earlier along with the recipe information. It will also monitor the full process ensuring the produced product meets our high standards

A batch code is also generated at this point, allowing us to fully track anything in the future. The batch code will be printed onto the bag along with the product labels that the system gathers automatically, reducing the risk of human error.

The product is fed onto a weighing system into an arrangement of small buckets. After the weighing system has calculated the desired weight it releases a number of the buckets, dispensing the desired weight. Should the machine calculate an incorrect weight, a bypass system operates and the product is diverted away from the filling tube. If the weight is correct the product travels down a feeding tube and on its journey will pass through a metal detector. Should the machine detect a foreign object the machine will sound an alarm and a quality system process will begin an investigation into the source of the object. Once removed, the machine will restart and filling will resume.

The bag travels past a Thermal Camera which is used to guarantee the bag has been sealed. The camera uses thermal imagery to inspect the seal integrity. If the bag seal is faulty, the machine automatically rejects the bag, removing it from the process.

Every bag then passes across an On Line Weight Checking System that weighs every single bag, guaranteeing the weight. The same system will automatically reject any bag found to be under or overweight.

The bag travels through an x-ray system to check for metal or foreign bodies. Every bag is photographed for reference and anything detected will result in the bag being automatically rejected with a full investigation taking place.

Baileys Pet Foods - Factory Tour Guide

We have some very advanced machinery here

As you have seen, we have some of the most advanced machinery here to ensure you receive the perfect product that you and your dog will love. 

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