Baileys Pet Foods - Factory Tour Guide

I would like to welcome you to the Ballroom

No, this isn’t where the staff all meet to dance, although that would be pretty fun! This is actually where all the ingredients from the three different weighing methods are brought together and combined in a Batch Container (BC). The bulk dosing bins enter, the ingredients from the Automated Weighers are tipped in and then finally the ingredients are added together in the operator tipping room. Up to 3 manufacturing orders can take place at the same time. Once dosed the BC is taken up several levels, mixed and put through a grinder. A sieve ensures that any material which is too fine will bypass the grinder. Once ground, the material is dropped back into the original BC which has now been returned to the Ballroom level.

Some materials are not suitable for grinding so can be dosed after the other materials have been ground, these materials are dosed into green boxes which are then added to the BC mix separately at Pre-extrusion i.e. just prior to entering the extruder.

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