How It’s Made


This new patented process also means carbohydrates like potato or rice content can be processed without the stickiness previously encountered in other extruder designs. Starches may be fully cooked without damage to functional and organoleptic properties.  The most exciting prospect however, is the ability to produce dry foods and treats with up to 70 percent fresh meat.

The cooking process is completed with a unique 2 stage pre drier and secondary drying, which enables us to remove the high levels of moisture present in High Fresh Meat Kibbles and a vacuum coating system, which delivers unparalleled consistency when applying fats and oils post extrusion


We have a large warehouse with some of the most advanced stock control systems. This allows us to maintain excellent stock rotation ensuring our customers the the longest shelf life possible.

Ingredients are gently mixed in the HIP by two independently driven shafts, which allow steam to be ’folded’ into the product. Angled steam injector ports in the extruder barrel orientated in the direction of material flow, along with a unique screw profile allows further steam to be mixed into the product. This means TT3630 can utilize up to four times more thermal energy and half to one quarter of the mechanical energy than other twin screw machines. The reduced mechanical energy ensures a much less aggressive cooking process when compared to more traditional high sheer cook conventional extruders. This helps to preserve the digestibility of proteins and survival of the natural vitamins and minerals within the food whilst still achieving over 90% cook.


Our in-house IT team has developed a unique system to ensure full control, flexibility and traceability for packing pet food in any packaging format. We pride our selves on excellent quality control with great packing.